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Uranus 2324 Synopsis - Coming to theaters late June 2024

“My life is driven by two types of power: The first is the power of dreams, and the second is the power of love. Dreams give me purpose, while loves gives me the strength to move forward…“

Kath and Lin, two friends who started as friends before developing into lovers, each had their own dreams. Lin dreamed of becoming an astronaut, while Kath aspired to be a freediving champion. However, due to a misunderstanding, they had to separate at the age of 18, with no means of contacting each other. It wasn’t until 15 years later in the United States that they would finally reunite.

By that time, Kath had given up in her dream of competing in freediving, while Lin had successfully pursued her dream of becoming an astronaut and was about to be stationed at the International Space Station. In the short time they had to spend together, the seeds of their love began to bloom once more in both of their hearts. There were things that Lin wanted to tell Kath, but in the end, she never had the chance to say them. Eventually, they had to part ways once again, with Lin thinking that when Kath returned to this world once more, she would finally confess her love.

After meeting Lin again, Kath realized that she had found love and the dream she thought she had forgotten. It brought happiness back into her life. Lin’s success reignited Kath’s own dream, and she returned to the world of freediving to pursue her aspirations once more.

Before she received the news of Lin’s accident, caused by a small maintenance spacecraft that Lin was piloting during her mission, they had lost contact due to a severe storm during the solar storm. At that time, everyone had believed that Lin had perished.

In the world of freediving, Kath decided to challenge herself with a statistic that she had never achieved before. She was determined to break this record, not only for her own glory but to honor Lin, the person that she loved, but to also reignite the spark of Lin’s dream once again. However, during an attempt, Kath lost consciousness underwater due to Caisson Disease. During the five seconds that she was unconscious, Kath felt like she had been transported to another dimension, a parallel universe...

After regaining consciousness, Kath continued using this method to explore various parallel universes, hoping to find a world where she and Lin could live together without the disappointments that they had faced.

In every parallel world that Kath and Lin encountered, they fell in love with each other, each time going through different eras and stories. However, Kath knew that in the end, they would have to face the pain of parting. She couldn’t change anything, all she could do was cherish every moment of love that they had together. Let love guide them until the very end and she had to accept whatever the ending might be.

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