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The Admin Team at @officialFBUS are excited to announce our latest project:

Uranus 2324: How far will you go for love?✈🌍

We are looking for FreenBecky fans representing the USA fanbase located in North America that would like to join us for the ULTIMATE FreenBecky Fan Experience! We have some very EXCITING & EXCLUSIVE activities planned for those that can attend this trip.

Fill out the google form below to get more information on this upcoming project.


You can also visit our website for up-to-date information on this project:


Come make everlasting memories with fellow FreenBecky fans and Official FreenBecky USA!

We promise that this will be an experience to remember! 😍

#Uranus2324xOFBUSA #beckysangels #srchafreen #freenbecky #Uranus2324 #VelCurveStudios #ฟรีนเบ็คกี้

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